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Group Health

Health is an irreplaceable treasure of life, the one who is deprived values it more than any material thing in the world.

It is for this reason, that we at Pak-Qatar Family Takaful are trying our utmost to take care of your well being. We have developed the Group Term HealthCare Takaful scheme, which was designed to cater to your medical needs. It covers your hospitalization due to any reason, major medical expenses, maternity/childbirth as well as day to day medical needs.

Let us briefly introduce some of its features.

Hospital Care:
This product covers medical/ hospitalization expenses incurred up to a specified limit that maybe a result of illness, surgery or an accident. In addition to the above, it also covers expenses incurred for treatment outside the hospital or expenses that arise because of day care procedures. Charges of pre & post hospitalization admission diagnostic tests, medications and lab-tests carried out on an out-patient basis are also included in the coverage.

Major Medical Care:
This benefit enhances the limits of Hospital Care; these higher limits provide an extra cushion when a patient has to undergo costly medical treatment like major surgeries and prolonged hospitalizations.

Maternity Care:
The benefit covers medical expenses incurred during childbirth and its complications like cesarean section, D&C and D&E etc.

Out-Patient Care:
This benefit will cover treatment and medical expenses for problems that don’t usually require hospitalization like cough, fever etc.