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ABC Education

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Laddering Success in every step of the way

The Most Rewarding Gift for your Child

A good education is a foundation for success. This is why all parents want to see their children go to good educational institutions and acquire knowledge so that they may grow up into scholars, and doctors, and scientists, and engineers, and professors, and good human beings. They work extra hours and sometimes even take loans to pay the school fees and arrange for all the opportunities and the resources needed to build their children’s future careers.

Shouldering the entire future of a child upon the life of one man which may fail him at anytime is a risk all too real to be ignored to left attended to. While loans may serve the purpose in the short-term, it nevertheless puts the parent in the worry of debt repayments later. A better and safer way to secure the continuity of your child’s education is to regularly save from your income with our ABC Takaful Education Plan.

The ABC Plan takes into consideration the escalating costs in tuition fees and cost of books and advises all concerned parents to start planning for their child’s higher education from today. It will be the most rewarding gift from yourself to your child that will forever be valued.

The ABC Education Takaful Plan

The ABC Takaful is an Education protection plan which ensures the continuity of the child’s education even when the parents are not around or cannot afford the tuition fees. This Plan is available to parents between the ages of 18 and 65 for a time period of their choice but it must end when the participant turns 85. The ABC Plan is most suitable for families with younger children.

Benefits Offered Under ABC Takaful Plan

Investment Management

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful has set up three investment fund strategies. In each Fund a different investment strategy is being followed depending upon the participant’s risk-reward appetite. You have the option to switch between these strategies at any time during the year without any charges for up to 3 switches a year.

Fund (Strategy) Potential Reward
Conservative Low Risks and Steady Growth
Balanced Balanced Risks and Balanced Growth
Aggressive High Risks and High Returns

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A Simple Example to Illustrate the Benefits of ABC Takaful

Mr. Abdur Rehman, a parent of a 1 year old child, wants to save Rs. 5,000 every month for ABC Takaful. Following is a glance at some of the specifications of his membership and the benefits he will avail from it:

Assumed Particulars:

Age 32 years
Age of Child 1 year
Term 18 years
Annual Increase in Contribution (Indexation) 10%
Yearly Contribution Rs. 48,000/-
Fund Strategy Balanced: 100%
Supplementary Benefits FIB
Expected Growth Rate 10%

Benefits Payable:

On Maturity/Completion of Term Rs. 3,734,067 (approximately)
On Natural Loss of Life 1. Rs. 10,000 / month FIB

2. Rs. 48,000 / year WOC paid to PIA.

On Accidental Loss of Life
On Permanent & Total Disability

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