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Flexi Savings Takaful Plan

Flexi Savings Takaful Plan is specially designed to offer more flexibility to our customers. It is a specialized Unit-Linked Plan with limited contribution paying term. The Participant has the option to choose Contribution Paying Term lesser than the Membership Plan Term that he has selected.




Withdraw entire Cash Value from *PIF at no extra cost.


Make ad-hoc or regular withdrawals from *PIF. No withdrawal charges levied till the fourth withdrawal in a single membership year. Minimum partial withdrawal is Rs. 15,000/-.


To protect your investments from inflation, index your Contribution or Face Value by 5%, 10% or 15%.


Participant receives the Cash Value available in his *PIF and the accumulated surplus, if any, from the Waqf.


Surplus in the Waqf Fund, if any, can be distributed amongst the Participants at the end of every year.


Increase your investment portion by making additional Contributions at any time. Minimum top-up-amout should be Rs.15,000/-.

How Does Flexi Savings Takaful Plan Function?

Contributions received from Participants by Pak-Qatar Family are divided into two accounts, Participant’s Investment Fund (PIF) and Waqf Fund. The amount in PIF is invested in Shari’ah compliant business avenues to generate Halal profits. The contribution pooled in Waqf fund is considered Tabarru & is used to pay claims. A Wakala fee(s) is deducted for services rendered in Investment Management and for operating Waqf Fund. Any surplus generated in the Waqf is distributed back to the Participants at the end of each year.

Investment Management

Pak-Qatar has set up three investment fund strategies. In each fund a different investment strategy is being followed depending upon the participant’s risk-reward appetite. You have the option to switch between these strategies at any time during the year without any charges for up to 3 switches a year.

Fund (Strategy) Potential Reward
Conservative Low Risks and Steady Growth
Balanced Balanced Risks and Balanced Growth
Aggressive High Risks and High Returns

Mr. Abdur Rehman is a 35 year old happily-married having 3 children aged 7 years, 5 years, and 3 years. The plan specifications and benefits of his Flexi Saving Takaful Planis illustrated as under:


Age 35 years
Plan Term 25 years
Contribution Payment Term 10 years
Contribution (per annum) Rs. 60,000/-
Contribution Indexation 10%
Supplementary Benefits Accidental Death Benefit of Rs. 1,500,000
Expected Growth Rate 9%

Benefits Payable:

On Death Rs. 1,500,000
On Accidental Death Rs. 3,000,000
On Maturity Rs. 3,281,898


Please treat the above illustration as an example only. Please talk to us for a detailed illustration.