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Investment Shield

Grow Your Investment – The Takaful Way

Investment shield is a specially designed single contribution investment plan ensuring safety of your capital and stable returns with the additional benefit of Takaful protection. The plan is tailored for individuals who:

  1. have a minimum of Rs. 300,000 available for investment
  2. want to grow their investment with stable and promising returns
  3. prefer Shariah-compliant investment
  4. can invest their wealth for a period of five to ten years.

The plan provides access to Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited’s investment expertise as well as to a large pool of funds ensuring optimization of profits, a benefit usually not available to individual investors.

How does Investment Shield function?

Your contribution is placed in a specially managed fund named Secure Wealth Fund, SWF. This fund serves to keeping your investment safe, guaranteeing promising returns and ensuring protection and stability at the same time. Being completely Shariah-compliant, Investment Shield does not offer fixed returns on your investments.

A small portion from this fund is diverted into the Waqf fund to make sure that your family’s financial needs are taken care of in case of a mishap. Personalized illustration will be provided to show expected growth of your proposed contribution. For now, however, based on different assumed rates of return, a sample illustration is provided given below.

How will my investment be managed?

Your investments are managed through the Unit Linked Investments system, a fund management system internationally acclaimed for its transparency. It works by dividing your investment in the Secure Wealth Fund into units of equal value according to the prevailing unit value. All subsequent operations are carried out in terms of these units, and the value of each unit increases to reflect the growth of your investment.

The number of units you own is communicated to you, and the value of units is regularly published on our website and major newspapers and magazines nationwide, making our operations completely transparent.

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful charges a fee for managing Secure Wealth Fund and Waqf fund management, details of which are made available with the personalized illustration.

What are the investment avenues of Secure Wealth Fund?

To maximize security of your investment, a large part of the Fund is invested in government-backed and other secure sukuks and TDR’s. Concurrently, to improve returns, a portion may also be invested in the equity market. Pak-Qatar Family Takaful ensures that all investments and returns adhere to strict Shariah guidelines provided by our independent Shariah Board.

What benefits does Investment Shield offer me?

At maturity 
At the completion of term, you will be entitled to receive the full cash value of the available units in your Secure Wealth Fund.

In case of natural death 
The nominee/beneficiary will be entitled either to 105% of the total contribution (face value) or the cash value, whichever is greater.

In case of accidental death 
If the participant passes away due to accidental causes, the nominee/beneficiary will be entitled to an amount of Rs. One million in addition to the benefit payable in case of natural death.

What if I need funds before the completion of term?

It is highly recommended that you persist with your chosen plan till your investment matures, as it allows for optimization of returns. However, we do provide the facility for full or partial withdrawals before the completion of term. You have the option to either withdraw your contribution all at once or in the form of regular installments. Your desired amount is made available by cashing the appropriate number of units available in your Secure Wealth Fund.

Full withdrawals 
No additional charges will be levied in case you withdraw the entire cash value of units present in your Secure Wealth Fund.

Partial withdrawals 
The facility of partial withdrawals is provided for a minimum withdrawal of Rs. 15,000 from Secure Wealth Fund’s cash value, for a nominal charge of Rs. 500 per withdrawal. An amount of Rs. 25,000 or 20% of your investment current cash value, whichever of the two is greater, has to remain in your Secure Wealth Fund at all times.

What are the Minimum and Maximum periods for which I can invest?

To be able to generate optimal returns while keeping the terms as flexible for you as possible, Pak-Qatar Family Takaful has set the following periods for investment:

Minimum period: 5 years Maximum period: 10 years

A Simple Example

Mr. Abdullah has saved Rs. 1 million and wants to grow his savings for his future needs. He chose Investment Shield to protect and grow his investments.