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Pak-Qatar Takaful Participates in Takaful Workshop

SECP holds workshop on insurance and Takaful

ISLAMABAD, October 5: In collaboration with the International Institute of Economics (IIIE), International Islamic University (IIUI) Islamabad, the SECP has conducted a workshop on insurance and Takaful.

The purpose of the workshop was to enhance financial literary, awareness and bridging the gap between academia and industry. The workshop included Shari’ah status and criticism of insurance and Takaful, distinct models of Takaful practiced around the globe, legal and regulatory framework of Takaful, potential of Takaful industry and way forward challenges faced by the Takaful industry.

Mr. Syed Nayyar Hussain, director, Insurance SECP, Mr. Ali Qureshi, head of Actuarial Services Department, EFU Life Assurance, Mr. Tariq Saeed Chaudhry, Area Sales Director, Pak Qatar Family Takaful Limited, Mufti Basheer Ahmed and senior faculty members of the university, addressed the workshop.

As per the spirit of MOU signed between SECP and IIUI, the event is the continuation of series of programs that are being organized recurrently to disseminate financial knowledge among students and teachers. The participants appreciated the efforts of the SECP and IIUI’s for bringing the academia and the insurance industry together.