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Takaful Session held in Bahawalpur

A programme was held as part of awareness campaign to brief Ulemas and Muftis about Takaful, Efforts of Ulema and Misconceptions on Takaful. The awareness programme was conducted on 29th of November, 2015 at Luxury Hotel, Bahawalpur.

Renowned Muftis and Ulema attended the awareness programme on Takaful conducted by Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited. Healthy discussion took place and lots of questions were answered during the session raised by different Muftis.

Participants were of the opinion that the awareness session on Takaful was truly beneficial and was much awaited. Clarity between Takaful and Conventional Insurance was indeed very helpful and principles of Shariah are worth commendable.

The invitees appreciated the efforts of the company on conducting such thought-provoking awareness programmes and insisted on holding more in future on frequent basis in nearby cities to spread awareness of Takaful.