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Liability Takaful

Liability Takaful provides coverage against legal liabilities to pay compensation to any third party for accidental bodily injury, death or direct damage to the third party’s material property, arising due to any accident caused by the Participant’s business activities. Liability Takaful policy provides compensation with respect to legal liability to third party for bodily injury, death and property damage.

Third Party / Public Liability Takaful

There are various legal duties associated with ownership, use, occupancy or control of land. These include duties that an owner owes a tenant and vice versa, those which a tenant owes another tenant as well as those which a possessor owes a “third person”, “third person” being someone not party to the lease and is either on the premises or in close vicinity for a reason other than to work as an employee of the processor.

Products Liability Takaful

Product Liability is the legal responsibility of the manufacturer, distributor or retailer to the consumer of a product. This policy offers indemnification of a legal liability that may arise as a result of bodily injury or property damage caused by consumption of sold or supplied products. Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, cover is provided against:

  1. Accidental bodily injury or illness of any buyer or user;
  2. Accidental loss or damage to property, caused by any good sold, supplied, repaired, altered, treated or serviced by the Participant in connection with the business carried out.
  3. All costs and expenses of litigation
  4. recovered by any claimant against the Participant;
  5. incurred, with the written consent of the Company, with respect to any investigation, defence and settlement of a claim made against the Participant.

Employer’s Liability Takaful

An employer may become liable to his employee if the employee is injured at work due to employer’s negligence. Employer’s Liability Takaful protects the employer in such a case and will pay all sums that the employer becomes legally liable to pay. In addition, the policy will pay for legal fees incurred in preparing a defense in a court of law.