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Miscellaneous Takaful

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Cash, during transit or when safely stashed, has always been a reason for concern and insecurity. Money Takaful assures security by providing coverage with respect to.

  • Cash-in-Safe: Loss on money while in safe at Participant’s premises under lock and key, during and after regular business hours.
  • Cash-in-Transit: Loss of money during transit between various specified locations (office to bank and vice versa, etc).
  • Cash-on-Counter: Loss of money while placed on counter during hold-ups within business premises.
  • ATM Withdrawal: Loss during withdrawal of money from ATM due to forcible and violent snatching.

Fidelity Guarantee can be offered to employers to cover infidelity of their employee(s) who hold positions of trust like handling cash, stocks, store-keeping, etc. This policy is designed to provide coverage against the risk of misappropriation or embezzlement committed by permanent and authorized employee(s) of the Participant during the course of their employment.


Round-the-year coverage through Personal Accident provides full benefit amount for accidental death, permanent disabilities, and total and partial temporary disabilities, directly or indirectly caused by an accident. The policy can be extended to cover reimbursement of medical expenses incurred arising out of such accidents.


This Takaful plan provides coverage for compensation payable under the Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923. The policy covers liability of an employer for the death, bodily injuries or occupational diseases sustained by employees in the Participant’s immediate service, arising out of and during employment. In addition, expenses incurred by the Participant while defending claims may also be paid with the consent of the Company.This plan covers legal liability of an employer under.

  • Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923, and subsequent amendments of the said Act prior to the date of issue of the policy.
  • Fatal Accidents Act, 1855, and subsequent amendments of the said Act prior to the date of issue of the policy and Common Law.