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Home Takaful

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Home Takaful is another highly rated product of Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited. Home Takaful protects and alleviates you from financial loss arising from mishaps that are generally “sudden and accidental” and, therefore, hard to predict and prevent.

What does “HOME TAKAFUL” Cover?

Basic Coverage:
Home Takaful covers loss or damage to Residential building and Contents due to certain perils and accident listed below.

  • Fire and Lighting
  • Rain, Flood, Cyclone and severe storm
  • Earthquake
  • Burglary, armed robbery and housebreaking
  • Riots and Strike Damage
  • Malicious Act
  • Explosion
  • Falling Aircraft and other Aerial Devices
  • Impact of Falling Trees
  • Water Damage due to burst pipes
  • Accidental Glass Breakage (Glazing)
  • Accidental Damage to Underground Tanks
  • Loss of Rent


Building (Fire and Shock only) 0.11% + Govt Taxes

Complete details and policy guidelines in the Brochure

Contents (Jewellery /Cash/ Valuables/ designer accessories, watches) 0.95% + Govt Taxes

Complete details and policy guidelines in the Brochure

Claim Reporting Process

To report a claim contact Claims Department Head Office – Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited or nearest Branch immediately.

  • Also, local Law Enforcement Agencies shall be reported on urgent basis (if applicable).
  • Participant shall complete the claim form and furnish other requisite documents for prompt processing of claim.