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Brand Activation Campaign held at Park Towers

KARACHI: Pak-Qatar Family and General Takaful held its 3-day Brand Activation campaign at the leading mall of the city (Park Towers) in Clifton from 19-21-Oct-2012. The brand activity at the Park Towers was aimed at spreading awareness on ‘Takaful’ among the visitors at the mall.The three-day brand activity of consumer products drew large crowds on Friday after its inauguration.

When a woman was requested to explain the reason for her family’s visit to the mall, she said: “It’s a matter of convenience and confidence, as we have been visiting this mall frequently.”A professional commented that holding of brand activation had provided a chance to visitors to get the information easily while shopping at the same time.

The event was a part of Awareness series about Takaful among the masses. Several people visited the stall and inquired about the basic difference between conventional insurance and Takaful. Most of the visitors were inquisitive to know about the new products and the term ‘Takaful’. One of the lady visitors appreciated the recent outdoor campaign by Pak-Qatar Group in the city and remarked that more is to be needed to create awareness about Takaful. Majority of the crowd was interested about the Educational Plans whereas the rest expressed vote of confidence on the Shariah Advisor, Mufti Taqi Usmani Sb. People were not much aware and were confused as if there was no difference between conventional insurance and Takaful.

The second event of the series would be held at The Forum in next month.