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FPCCI appoints Mr. Kamran Saleem as Chairman of Takaful Standing Committee

Karachi – February 14, 2018: The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) appointed the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Company Secretary of Pak-Qatar Takaful Group (PQTG), Muhammad Kamran Saleem, as Chairman of (Central) Standing Committee on Takaful and Window Takaful. The appointment for this designation was conferred to Muhammad Kamran Saleem through a special letter by the President of FPCCI, thus adding another milestone in the company’s rapid progress. PQTG is a leading enterprise offering Takaful products (Family and General) across Pakistan.

Muhammad Kamran Saleem expressed his gratitude, and stated, “I am very pleased and excited to represent the Takaful industry as the Chairman of FPCCI’s (Central) Standing Committee on Takaful and Window Takaful. As the Pak-Qatar Takaful Group is committed to lead this promising sector and enrich the Islamic Financing models with innovative and more competitive products, this position will enable me to promote Takaful among the masses, encompassing education and awareness, while presenting an image that is consistent with our ideology and values.”

He further added, “The Pak-Qatar Takaful Group adheres to best ethical practices and complete transparency in all aspects of its operations, while abiding by the Shariah rules and law of the land. With this additional responsibility, I will strive to deploy more resources and support for the community to deliver excellence. Customer satisfaction and protection is the primary objective of the Takaful business, so we will develop more quality products and offer excellent services to our valuable consumers.”

Muhammad Kamran Saleem has previously served as the Vice-Chairman of Islamic Banking and Takaful Committee of the FPCCI. He has risen to the position of CFO by successfully managing multi-dimensional assignments and heading all the major functions in the company over the years. With an illustrative career and strong knowledge-base in Finance and Law, Mr. Saleem will play a key role in ensuring rapid growth in the Takaful industry, as integrity and transparency is the hallmark of Islamic finance.

Pak-Qatar Takaful Group is the pioneer of Takaful products in Pakistan, with presence in all major cities of the country. The Group is engaged in providing need-based, practical and profitable financial services to its members and participants throughout Pakistan.